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Choosing Caregivers

Know what your older adult needs for appropriate, quality care caregiving.  Also know what you should expect from a caregiver and the agencies that employ them.  We can provide assistance with both the interviewing and selection of caregivers appropriate to your older adult’s needs. Click here to read more about the do’s and don’ts of hiring a caregiver.

Understanding Dementia

Dementia is one of the most common and stressful aspects experienced by many of our aging clients and their families. Understanding the problems and anticipating the needs of clients and their families as the disorder progresses is key to managing care effectively.

Most important:

  • Take care of yourself emotionally, whether you’re a patient or caregiver
  • Make important decisions early
  • Watch for treatable changes
  • Create a “Dementia-friendly” supportive environment
  • Emphasize joy!

We can help you find the resources you need to provide the best environment for meeting the challenge of Dementia care. Click here for more on Dementia, causes, symptoms, treatment and coping skills.

“I have been helping my Father for nearly a decade as he has slid into a state of being cognitively impaired and taking medication for moderate to severe Alzheimer’s. I hired Patricia when I realized his needs were much greater than I could provide for from a distance of 700 miles, despite my frequent trips. She saw quickly what his needs were and tried to line up the appropriate care.”

“My Father, a retired Neurosurgeon, was happy to have her come tend to him because she offered valued companionship with an intellect and spirit able to mesh with his own medical experience of several decades, as well as understanding his current state of cognitive decline. Patricia was a dedicated communicator, keeping in touch by phone and by e-mail. She kept me informed of my Father’s appointments and referred a care-giver. She also pointed out how every effort she and I made were being undermined by my sibling, who lived near to our Father. ”

“More than that, it was as if she had a crystal ball and could predict all that would happen, due to my sibling’s insistence that our Father must be independent at all costs (and contrary to what his doctors advised): missed medications, wrongly placing him in independent living rather than assisted living, fragmenting his health care, taking advantage of our Father financially, and more. Patricia warned me every step of the way and offered solid steps to try to avert a disastrous outcome. I acted on her advice and found it to be solid. She has a good heart, good experience, and good skills. Patricia has been an invaluable asset to my family.”
J.L. Oregon

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  • Where can I find resources to help us prepare for our older adult’s needs?