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Peace of Mind for Families

caring for older adultCaring for older adults is often called the great balancing act. Being a caregiver, you may play a variety of roles as the situation requires. This includes care provider, care coordinator, financial planner, legal advisor, health monitor, real estate consultant and more. Sound exhausting? Sometimes it is. In addition, you may have to balance work demands, family obligations, community commitments and your own needs.

To understand your loved ones’ journey

That’s why we’re here to support you. We help families understand their loved ones’ journey and how they can best assist and participate in it. Maxwell Senior Care provides support and guidance to families before, during and after a crisis. We can assess the current living situation and care needs. Does your older adult need a caregiver? Help to choose or hire one that fits your needs and budget? We can set up in-home services and assistance that preserves the older adult’s independence. And also monitor the quality of care through day-to-day client management.

We can help prevent elder abuse through proper planning and oversight. We can coordinate appropriate services within the community to support the older adult’s best life possible. As care managers, we can often help older adults and their families come to terms with the best solutions and bring peace and reason when the family is not seeing eye to eye. We can assist you with finding the resources you need for the many related challenges you may face with the older adult’s situation. We know how to care for older adults.

“Patricia has been an incredible resource for me in helping my Father manage his medical care, and find resources we didn’t know existed–to help him get what he needs to stay active and independent in his home, to help him get the second opinions he needed to manage his illness, and to help me file the paperwork I needed to help manage his healthcare. I am so relieved to have Patricia’s solid knowledge and support for both of us. It’s let me breathe a huge sigh of relief, and know that I’m really doing the right things for my Dad, even if I can’t be there all the time.”
San Jose

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  • Does my Mother really need home care or assisted living–and how can we afford it?
  • My Mother really wants to stay in her home, but I’m afraid she may fall and get hurt when no one is there.  How can we keep her safe at home?
  • How can we convince Dad to give up driving and how will he be able to get around if we do? More about giving up driving (download PDF).