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professional fiduciariesWe’re here to support the professionals, too.

We have a solid history of successfully working with a number of Attorneys, Conservators, Fiduciaries and Trustees to deliver quality care and support to both Geriatric and Special Needs clients. Those with fiduciary responsibility for an older adult or someone with specialized needs will feel less burdened since we take responsibility for supplying the on-site care and services needed, as well as monitoring a client if they are hospitalized.

The experience and expertise gained from our working relationships with Fiduciaries allows us to:

  • Effectively, efficiently listen and respond to questions and concerns about a client’s care and well-being
  • Provide advice, supporting information, and the perspective required to make informed care delivery decisions
  • Develop a Plan of Care geared to a client’s unique needs (“one size” does not fit all).
  • Understand, support, and respect the oftentimes difficult decisions these professionals must make to plan and execute client care and protective actions for which they are accountable.
  • Act as a catalyst and “sanity check” for suggestions to modify and improve client services as needs and circumstances change and evolve over time
  • Keep the daily workings of client care running smoothly and cost-effectively
  • Provide accurate, timely, detailed billing information – easily pasted into required court documentation
  • Develop the corroborative, independent assessments and reports so very important in today’s litigious culture

Ask Patricia…

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  • Worried about the care your client is receiving, but don’t have the time to provide routine oversight?
  • Overwhelmed with the day-to-day needs of your client as they advance in their need for care?
  • Concerned about the treatment of your client during hospitalizations or emergencies?

“Patricia has provided my clients with exceptional service handling complex and challenging situations with professionalism and sensitivity. I will use her services on other cases in the future and would not hesitate to recommend her.”
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