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Voice & Advocate of the Senior

Voice of the seniorAs the Voice and advocate of the Senior, we start by understanding our client’s wishes, needs, hopes and fears–to fully understand the services and activities best suited to them, to make their life feel rewarding and worthwhile. We can then arrange the resources to keep the older adult connected socially and intellectually. We provide assessments for safety, and help them with their medical and physical needs. Maxwell Senior Care can arrange transportation to the activities that are important to them, whether it is dining out, visiting friends, a weekly game of bridge, to attend the symphony or sports events, meetings or golf outings–whatever satisfies their quality of life. We can also help the transition into retirement or continuing care facilities when the situation warrants this for the older adult’s safety and for more intensive care.

Voice of the Patient

Voice of the senior As your advocate, we will be with you in the Emergency Room or seeing the doctor in his clinic, using our many years of experience to make sure our clients are getting the right care. We can ensure that families and fiduciaries are kept informed and understand what is happening. We can also help families and older adults navigate the complicated healthcare systems, and develop care plans specific to the older adult’s personal needs.

“Patricia is always on top of things, and will do whatever is possible to make sure planned or unplanned trips to the hospital are expertly managed. Several times she has spent most of the night accompanying my mother to or in a hospital making sure she is comfortable, safe and handled well at the hospital.”
Atherton, California

Life is too short to waste away in front of a TV.”

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  • How can I get around to places I need to go, when I can no longer drive?
  • If I’m not ready to give up my own home, what kind of help can I get–and afford?
  • I love going to the symphony, but I’ve been housebound. How can I continue to do some of the things that make my life worth living?
  • How do I know when to ask for a second opinion?
  • What should I do when my senior is hospitalized and I’m living too far away to be there every day?
  • How can I communicate with the doctors directly about my mother’s health needs?
  • I’m concerned my elder is being over-medicated. What should I do?